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  • Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast?

    Where does bacon come from????? MORE

  • Double-Standard Standoff

    When Cliven Bundy stood up to the Bureau of Land Management, the media circus -- and armed militia -- came to town, resulting in a peace gesture from the federal government. So what’s different in the case of two Shoshone sisters who had an even better claim? MORE

  • The Intersection: Environmental and Reproductive Health

    What’s the connection between the health of our bodies and that of our planet? The truth is that our everyday environment—where we live, work and play—affects our reproductive health and that of future generations. On the flipside, access to voluntary family planning enables women and their communities to better manage adverse changes in the environment and helps ease pressure on scarce resources. Protecting reproductive and environmental health go hand in hand. MORE

  • Martha Matsuoka Re-elected as Noyes Board Chair

    Martha Matsuoka is an Associate Professor, Urban and Environmental Policy at Occidental College. She focuses her teaching and research on issues such as metropolitan regionalism, sustainable community development, social movements, and environmental justice. Martha has worked with a wide range of NGOs, including the Green L.A. Coalition, the Environmental Justice Fund, and the Earth Island Institute, and was a founding member of the National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum and the Asian Pacific Environmental Network.

  • Eat4Health Policy Fellows Gather in DC

    Nelson Carrasquillo of CATA Farmworker Support Center, Diana Lopez of the Southwest Workers Union, Charity Hicks of East Michigan Environmental Action Council, and Dana Parfait of Coastal Communities Collaborative presented their policy proposals to representatives from D.C. based organizations. EAT4Health is a project of the Noyes Foundation in partnership with other funders and the Praxis Project. MORE

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