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  • Noyes Advises Those with Donor Advised Funds

    People with donor advised funds can put their funds to work immediately to address pressing social problems. Unfortunately, most wait a long time to fully disburse their funds, some for as long as 10 years, which has led to $50 billion sitting idle in donor advised funds. This needs to change! To help make that change, we are partnering with donors who want advice about how to make grants to organizations that align with their values. Learn more by watching this video.

  • Investors ask Corporations to oppose the Chamber of Commerce’s fight against the EPA’s Clean Power Plan

    The Noyes Foundation joined with 60 other investors and organizations in sending a letter to 50 companies that are on the Board or are prominent members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a vigorous opponent of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. The companies were asked to use their leverage and voice to encourage the Chamber to step back from its campaign to block the new regulations.  MORE

  • Alaska Community Action on Toxics in the NY Times

    Harriet Penayah, an elder and ACAT board member from Savoonga, working on stickleback fish. ACAT's community-based research work on St. Lawrence Island. MORE

  • Noyes Foundation - A long-time supporter of organic food movement

    The Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation has been a long-time supporter of the organics food movement. The following sample of grants demonstrates the diversity of Noyes funding to advance organics. As part of its current sustainable agriculture and food system funding, the Foundation continues to support organics.

  • Let's Get Donor Advised Funds Out the Door Sooner

    This Week’s Newsmaker:   Vic DeLuca, president of the Jesse Smith Noyes Foundation, explains the foundation’s effort to encourage and advise distributions from donor-advised funds (DAF). DAFs have seen record contributions and distributions in recent years but only about half of the money going in is coming out. The foundation estimates that some $50 billion is “warehoused” as nonprofits in need could use those dollars. MORE

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