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  • Noyes Advises Those with Donor Advised Funds

    People with donor advised funds can put their funds to work immediately to address pressing social problems. Unfortunately, most wait a long time to fully disburse their funds, some for as long as 10 years, which has led to $50 billion sitting idle in donor advised funds. This needs to change! To help make that change, we are partnering with donors who want advice about how to make grants to organizations that align with their values. Learn more by watching this video.

  • Noyes Board Member Steven Godeke Co-Authors Op Ed

    Impact Investing Can Help Foundations Avoid Obsolescence

    By Steven Godeke and William Burckart

    The intersection of private wealth and public accountability is more complicated, prompting many in the foundation world to operate in new ways — and with approaches that could eventually turn the entire way philanthropy operates upside down. MORE

  • Noyes Foundation Has Moved

    New address: 

    Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation

    122 East 42nd Street, Suite 2501

    New York, N.Y. 10168

    The phone number remains the same: 212-684-6577.

  • Proxy Preview 2015, the “Bible for socially progressive foundations"

    Proxy Preview 2015 covers the record-breaking 433 social and environmental shareholder resolutions filed so far this proxy season, with political spending and climate change driving the majority of the activity. The report provides analysis and expert insight to help you navigate the issues and successfully vote your shares.


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