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What Financial Advisors Can Do


Partnering with the Noyes Foundation will allow your donors to take advantage of our extensive understanding of social justice movements and issues. Our deep knowledge of organizations and initiatives supporting social justice will allow you to enhance your client services in the following ways:

  • We can identify more philanthropic giving opportunities in the area of social justice, enabling your clients to support the issues they care about.
  • We can serve as a resource for you by filling gaps in research on social justice issues and recommending organizations worthy of philanthropic support.


We specialize in grantmaking to grassroots organizations working on social and environmental causes that include sustainable food systems, reproductive rights, environmental justice, and a sustainable New York City. Our interest in partnering is to increase funding and awareness for causes aimed at creating a more just world.

After identifying areas of interest for donors, we make recommendations of social change organizations. If the donor agrees these are organizations worthy of support, she/he funds the nonprofit directly through a donor-advised fund, foundation or other giving mechanism.