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Vision, Values and Theory of Change


We envision a socially just and environmentally sustainable society in which all people are able to gain the knowledge and build the power they need to exercise their rights and participate fully in the economic, social and political decisions that affect their lives and communities.


The Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation is a diverse and inclusive organization working for a more equitable society. We consistently challenge structural racism, gender inequality, and discrimination based on ethnicity, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, economic status, physical ability, gender, immigration and immigration status.  We seek to open channels of opportunities for those who are systemically denied.

We believe that people, not corporations, have inalienable rights. The Foundation builds the power of people — those most impacted and those who have been marginalized — to be actively involved in advancing solutions to the problems they face.

We believe in an environmentally just earth in which all species have the right to co-exist.


We understand that social change occurs over a period of time through a combination of strategies, forces and events - small and large, planned and unplanned.

We recognize the special role of diverse, inclusive and democratically controlled grassroots movements, predominately made up of those directly impacted. The people and organizations in social movements collectively develop a vision of and paths towards lasting change. They are the best advocates to build public support and community understanding.

We believe that grassroots movements are among the strongest forces in our society to hold public policy makers and private corporations accountable.