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Promoting a Sustainable Agriculture and Food System


Community Food Funders (North Star Fund) • $17,500
New York, NY
Project support to assist funders in the tri-state region in understanding and leveraging investment for an equitable, ecologically sound and sustainable regional food system.

Corbin Hill Food Project • $20,000
New York, NY
General support to operate a food value chain connecting upstate farmers in search of new markets with low-income New York City communities in need of affordable, healthy food. (First year of a two-year grant)

Fair Food Standards Council • $20,000
Sarasota, FL
General support for the Fair Food Standards Council to implement the Fair Food Program, a joint initiative with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to affirm the human rights of Florida tomato workers and improve the conditions under which they work. (First year of a two-year grant)

Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund • $20,000
East Point, GA
General support to foster sustainable rural communities through cooperative economics, land retention, sustainable farming practices, policy advocacy and leadership development. (Second year of a two-year grant)

Food Chain Workers Alliance • $25,000
Los Angeles, CA
General support for an alliance of labor groups whose members work along various parts of the food chain in order to bring about a sustainable food system that includes fair labor practices. (First year of a two-year grant)

Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture • $15,000
Kykotsmovi Village, AZ
General support for youth leadership training and traditional farming skills on the Hopi Reservation in northeastern Arizona.

Hunger Action Network of New York State • $20,000
Albany, NY
Program support to promote sustainable food policy at state and local levels in New York, coordinate efforts around federal food and farm policy, and address the nutritional needs of low-income state residents. (First year of a two-year grant)

Land Loss Prevention Project • $12,500
Durham, NC
General support to provide legal assistance to limited-resource farmers and food system entrepreneurs to advance environmental justice and sustainable food and environment policy in North Carolina and the southeastern region.

National Family Farm Coalition • $25,000
Washington, DC
General support to build power for family farmers, fishers, and farmworkers seeking to exert more control over the food system in order to promote economic justice and food sovereignty. (First year of a two-year grant)

National Immigrant Farming Initiative, Inc. • $10,000
El Paso, TX
General support to provide training, information sharing and networking opportunities for immigrant farmers.

Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success • $20,000
Manchester, NH
General support for refugee and immigrant organizing, services and advocacy in New Hampshire, including beginning farmer and youth food justice programs.

Renaissance Project • $10,000
New Orleans, LA
General support to expand food justice programming to remove barriers to fresh food access in three wards of New Orleans, LA.

Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York • $20,000
New York, NY
General support for organizing, education and advocacy to improve conditions for restaurant workers, and grow the sustainable food movement. (First year of a two-year grant)

Restaurant Opportunities Centers United • $20,000
New York, NY
General support to deepen strategic alliances with organizations in the food movement, and lead a national consumer engagement campaign that connects advocacy around federal labor policy with consumer safety and food policy. (Second year of a two-year grant)

Rural Coalition • $25,000
Washington, DC
General support to enhance the capacity of rural organizations to foster a more just and sustainable agriculture and food system. (First year of a two-year grant)

Southwest Georgia Project • $20,000
Albany, GA
General support for an organization seeking to increase community control over the local food system while promoting racial and gender justice. (First year of a two-year grant)

White Earth Land Recovery Project • $20,000
Callaway, MN
General support to relocalize food and energy systems, restore tribal lands, revive traditional culture, and nurture a vibrant civil society for Anishinaabeg and other indigenous people. (Second year of a two-year grant)