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Ensuring Quality Reproductive Health Care as a Human Right


Alliance for Reproductive Justice • $15,000
Anchorage, AK
General support to protect reproductive rights and promote reproductive health services in Alaska through education, advocacy and community organizing.

American Civil Liberties Union Foundation • $25,000
New York, NY
Support for the Reproductive Freedom Project's work to protect and advance reproductive rights at the federal, state and local levels. (First year of a two-year grant.)

Black Women for Wellness • $15,000
Los Angeles, CA
General support for multigenerational, cross-issue, reproductive rights and environmental justice efforts to improve the well-being of Black women and girls through health education, leadership development and advocacy.

Chicago Abortion Fund • $20,000
Chicago, IL
Program support for My Voice, My Choice Leadership Group to provide community education, leadership development, grassroots organizing and advocacy to women who have had abortions.

NARAL Pro-Choice Montana Foundation • $20,000
Helena, MT
General support to ensure that women and men in Montana can make informed decisions about sexuality, contraception, pregnancy, childbearing and abortion.

National Advocates for Pregnant Women • $15,000
New York, NY
General support to advance reproductive and human rights for women.

National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum • $25,000
Brooklyn, NY
General support to strengthen and build leadership among Asian Pacific American female advocates working on reproductive justice issues at the state and national levels. (First year of a two-year grant.)

National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health • $30,000
New York, NY
General support to ensure the reproductive health and rights of Latinas nationwide through education, policy and advocacy initiatives, and community mobilization. (First year of a two-year grant.)

National Women's Health Network • $15,000
Washington, DC
Project support to protect and advance reproductive rights within the context of health care reform by educating and mobilizing women through the Raising Women's Voices for the Health Care We Need campaign.

Rebecca Project for Human Rights • $15,000
Washington, DC
General support to address health, child welfare and criminal justice policies using a reproductive rights and justice framework.

SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW • $15,000
Atlanta, GA
General support for reproductive justice organizing in communities throughout Georgia.

State Voices • $15,000
Detroit, MI
General support to ensure that reproductive rights and justice organizations have the tools and support necessary to win campaigns and impact policies through civic engagement on the state level.

West Virginia FREE • $25,000
Charleston, WV
General support for a statewide coalition working for reproductive freedom. (First year of a two-year grant.)

Western States Center • $25,000
Portland, OR
Program support to broaden the reproductive rights debate among Western social justice organizations through the sharing of strategies and models. (First year of a two-year grant.)

Young Women United • $25,000
Albuquerque, NM
General support to address violence against women, reproductive rights and other issues for young women of color in New Mexico. (First year of a two-year grant.)