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ACCESS/Women's Health Rights Coalition • $25,000
Oakland, CA
General support to ensure that all women in California have the information, support and resources they need in making decisions about reproductive health care, and to advocate on state and national policy issues.

Added Value • $10,000
Brooklyn, NY
General support to strengthen the skills and leadership of youth in Red Hook, Brooklyn, to shape a more sustainable food system.

Alaska Community Action on Toxics • $25,000
Anchorage, AK
General support for a statewide organization working for environmental health and justice through support and assistance to communities and Native tribes in Alaska.

Alaska Community Action on Toxics • $20,000
Anchorage, AK
General support for environmental reproductive justice policy change in Alaska and nationally.

Alliance for Reproductive Justice • $25,000
Anchorage, AK
General support to protect reproductive health services in Alaska through education, advocacy and community organizing.

American Civil Liberties Union Foundation • $30,000
New York, NY
Support for the Reproductive Freedom Project’s work to protect and advance reproductive rights at the federal, state and local levels.

Breast Cancer Action • $25,000
San Francisco, CA
General support to educate the public about the role of corporate interests in the breast cancer epidemic, and to advocate for change in public and private sector policies to reduce the toxic threats to the environment and public health, particularly repr

Brooklyn Young Mothers' Collective • $25,000
Brooklyn, NY
General support to provide pregnant and parenting adolescent girls in Central Brooklyn with comprehensive reproductive health and rights education, advocacy, peer engagement and leadership development.

CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities • $20,000
Bronx, NY
General support to organize poor and low-income residents in New York's Chinatown for equitable and sustainable development by promoting a community-led planning process.

California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative • $20,000
Oakland, CA
General support for a coalition to advance a preventive environmental health agenda to assure the health and safety of nail and beauty salon workers.

Center for New Community • $25,000
Chicago, IL
General support for the Food Justice Initiative, focusing on race and worker justice issues within the food sector.

Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger • $25,000
Merrimac, WI
General support to clean up the Badger Army Ammunition Plant, and assist other communities seeking adequate cleanup and restoration at contaminated military bases.

Coal River Mountain Watch • $25,000
Whitesville, WV
General support to organize communities in West Virginia to stop environmental destruction caused by mountaintop removal, and to rebuild sustainable communities.

Comite de Apoyo a los Trabajadores Agricolas • $25,000
Glassboro, NJ
General support for grassroots organizing work on environmental, economic justice and sustainable agriculture issues with farmworkers in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund • $25,000
Chambersburg, PA
General support to move communities and municipal governments struggling against factory farms, sludging of farmland, and other threats, from the regulation of cooperate harms to the elimination of those harms through the assertion of local democratic con

Cornucopia Institute • $20,000
Cornucopia, WI
General support to promote family-scale organic farming in the Midwest and nationally.

Dairy Education Alliance • $20,000
Eugene, OR
General support for a national coalition of grassroots groups seeking to make large-scale dairies more socially and environmentally responsible.

Dakota Rural Action • $20,000
Brookings, SD
General support to build grassroots leadership for family-farm-based agriculture and environmental conservation through community organizing in South Dakota.

DataCenter • $20,000
Oakland, CA
Project support providing research and information to community-based organizations working for social, environmental and economic justice.

Environmental Health Coalition • $25,000
National City, CA
General support for environmental justice work in the San Diego/Tijuana region through organizing, advocacy, research, education and technical assistance to community groups.

Farmworker Association of Florida • $25,000
Apopka, FL
General support for a statewide farmworker organization organizing primarily Latino and immigrant farmworkers to address workplace, health, environment and political issues.

Farmworker Association of Florida • $25,000
Apopka, FL
General support for a statewide farmworker organization organizing primarily Latino and immigrant farmworkers to address workplace, health, environment and political issues.

Farmworker Health and Safety Institute • $25,000
Glassboro, NJ
General support to work with Latino and immigrant farmworker organizations to address environmental and health issues, and impact public policy.

Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund • $25,000
East Point, GA
General support to foster sustainable rural communities through cooperative economics, land retention, policy advocacy and leadership development.

Feminist Women's Health Center • $20,000
Atlanta, GA
Project support for the Lifting Latina Voices Initiative of the Young Women's Leadership Project that works to educate, engage, and activate a diverse cadre of reproductive justice leaders and their communities.

Funders Network on Trade and Globalization • $15,000
Los Angeles, CA
Support for climate justice work and for the Funder/Movement Process to engage funders and movement activists in deeper, more sustained and strategic discussions, and learning to strengthen grantmaking across issues and constituencies in support of moveme

Generations Ahead • $25,000
Oakland, CA
General support to advance a social justice framework for new reproductive and genetic technologies based on human rights and reproductive justice principles by creating projects and public events for cross-movement dialogues and engagement.

Grand Bayou Community United • $25,000
2757 Havers Street
Houma, LA 70360

General support to preserve the Grand Bayou community and other areas of coastal Louisiana through protection and regeneration of the bayou, and development of a sustainable economy based on renewable resources.

Grassroots Global Justice • $35,000
San Pedro, CA
$25,000 for general support for an alliance of U.S.-based grassroots groups organizing to build an agenda for power for working and poor people; and $10,000 designated for Inter-Alliance dialogue.

Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training (GIFT) • $15,000
Oakland, CA
General support for an intensive fundraising training program for the Kellogg partnership project grantees.

Green Worker Cooperatives • $15,000
Bronx, NY
General support to build an alternative green economy by developing worker-owned and environmentally-friendly cooperatives in the South Bronx.

Hunger Action Network of New York State • $20,000
Albany, NY
Program support to promote a local food economy and increase community food security in New York State and New York City.

Idaho Women's Network Research and Education Fund • $30,000
Boise, ID
General support to promote and protect women's reproductive health and rights in Idaho by expanding grassroots organizing, education, advocacy and coalition-building activities.

Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health • $25,000
Chicago, IL
General support for advocacy efforts that increase access to sexual health care and comprehensive sex education for adolescents, and promote support for pregnant and parenting youth.

Just Food • $20,000
New York, NY
Program support for community supported agriculture initiatives, and advocacy work to develop a just and sustainable food system in the New York City region.

Just Harvest USA • $20,000
Oakland, CA
General operating support to bring concern for human rights and the voice of agricultural workers into the consciousness of natural foods consumers and the sustainable agriculture movement.

Kentucky Coalition • $25,000
London, KY
General support for a statewide citizens’ organization promoting environmental justice and long-term social change.

Legal Voice • $30,000
Seattle, WA
Project support for the Northwest Reproductive Freedom Network, which works in five Northwest states to advance and protect reproductive rights, and to ensure that reproductive health services are part of mainstream health care.

Lideres Campesinas • $30,000
Pomona, CA
General support to develop leadership among farmworker women for political, social and economic change.

Little Village Environmental Justice Organization • $25,000
Chicago, IL
General support for environmental justice work in predominately Latino communities of Chicago, including connecting with regional and national work on clean air and other environmental justice issues.

Make the Road New York • $15,000
Brooklyn, NY
Support for the Environmental and Housing Justice Project, dedicated to training grassroots activists in organizing and advocacy work throughout t he city.

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute • $15,000
East Troy, WI
Project support to provide information, training and organizing on the federal appropriations process, and to promote the utilization of federal programs that support sustainable agriculture.

Mision Industrial de Puerto Rico, Inc. • $15,000
P.O. Box 363728
San Juan, PR 00936-3728

General support for organizing work on environmental justice issues in Puerto Rico.

Missouri Rural Crisis Center • $25,000
Columbia, MO
General support to promote a locally-based agriculture and food system.

Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment • $25,000
Southwest Research and Information Center
P.O. Box 4524
Albuquerque, NM

General support for an alliance working for environmental justice and sustainable development in New Mexico.

NARAL Pro-Choice Montana Foundation • $25,000
Helena, MT
General support to ensure that women and men in Montana can make informed decisions about sexuality, contraception, pregnancy, childbearing and abortion.

National Advocates for Pregnant Women • $25,000
New York, NY
General support to advance reproductive and human rights for women.

National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum • $25,000
Washington, DC
Program support to strengthen and build leadership among Asian Pacific American female advocates working on reproductive justice issues at the state and national levels.

National Family Farm Coalition • $25,000
Washington, DC
General support to coalesce grassroots organizations representing family farmers and rural communities to advocate for policies and practices that support a family-farm-based and environmentally sound food and agriculture system.

National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health • $30,000
New York, NY
General support to ensure and protect the reproductive health and rights of Latinas nationwide through public education, policy and advocacy, and community mobilization.

National Network of Abortion Funds • $20,000
Boston, MA
General support for abortion funds to assist low-income women and girls, and for advocacy and comprehensive reproductive health care for those in greatest need.

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition • $50,000
Washington, DC
General support for a national alliance that brings grassroots perspectives to the federal agricultural policy-making process with the goal of achieving a safe, nutritious, ample and affordable food supply through a legion of family farmers earning decent

Native Action • $15,000
Lame Deer, MT
General support for addressing environmental justice issues on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation and adjacent lands in Montana.

North Carolina Fair Share Education Fund • $25,000
Raleigh, NC
General support for work in low-income rural communities in eastern North Carolina to develop local leadership, reduce health and environmental impacts from toxic pollution, and build healthy, sustainable communities.

Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group • $20,000
Belchertown, MA
General support to advocate for food and farm policies, and develop local and regional food systems.

Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition • $20,000
Bronx, NY
General support to advance sustainable and community-driven redevelopment campaigns in the Northwest Bronx.

Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition • $25,000
Huntington, WV
General support for community organizing and public education on environmental issues in the Ohio Valley region of West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio.

Oil & Gas Accountability Project • $25,000
Durango, CO
General support for a coalition of local, state, regional, national and tribal organizations working on health and environmental issues associated with development of oil and gas resources.

Organization for Competitive Markets • $25,000
Lincoln, NE
General support to counter the further concentration of food production and the industrialization of agriculture.

Power U Center for Social Change • $25,000
Miami, FL
General support for work on environmental justice issues in Miami, unincorporated Dade County and the surrounding areas.

Pratt Center for Community Development • $15,000
Brooklyn, NY
Program support for the Sustainability and Environmental Justice Initiative to promote community-based leadership for equitable and sustainable development of low-income neighborhoods in New York City.

Rebecca Project for Human Rights • $25,000
Washington, DC
General support to address health, child welfare and criminal justice policies, using a reproductive rights and justice framework.

Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York • $15,000
New York, NY
Program support for organizing, education, and outreach connecting restaurant workers and owners in New York City to the sustainable and local food movement.

Right to the City Alliance • $25,000
Brooklyn, NY
Support for the Environmental Justice Working Group.

Rooted In Community • $20,000
Rochester, NY
General support for a national network of grassroots groups that develops youth leadership for healthy communities and sustainable food systems.

Rural Coalition • $25,000
Washington, DC
General support to enhance the capacity of rural organizations working together to effect systemic change that fosters a more just and sustainable agriculture and food system.

Rural Vermont • $20,000
Montpelier, VT
General support to help family farmers build economic justice and a sustainable food system.

Saludpromujer • $30,000
San Juan, PR
General support to increase the number of abortion providers by reforming curricula, and training health professionals at the University's schools of medicine, public health and nursing.

Southeast Asian Community Alliance • $25,000
Los Angeles, CA
General support to promote economic justice, environmental sustainability, and health through food justice.

Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group • $12,500
Fayetteville, AR
General support to promote sustainable agriculture through a network of family farm, agriculture, consumer and environmental organizations from 13 Southern states.

Southwest Georgia Project • $15,000
Albany, GA
Project support to provide training in leadership, conflect resolution skills, and local issues to younger and older grassroots activists from several southwest Georgia counties.

SouthWest Organizing Project • $25,000
Albuquerque, NM
General support for grassroots organizing work on environmental and economic justice issues in New Mexico.

Southwest Workers' Union • $25,000
San Antonio, TX
General support for organizing in communities of color and among workers in South Texas, and for participation in international environmental justice and global justice movements.

SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW • $25,000
Atlanta, GA
General support to continue reproductive justice grassroots organizing and advocacy for strong sustainable communities throughout Georgia, and to assist with an organizational transition process.

Sustainable South Bronx • $20,000
Bronx, NY
General support for organizing, advocacy and development work to advance a community vision for an environmentally just and socially sustainable South Bronx.

Third Wave Foundation • $30,000
New York, NY
Project support for the Reproductive Health and Justice Initiative that supports young women and transgender-led reproductive health and justice programs nationwide.

United States Social Forum • $25,000
Atlanta, GA
General support for the continuing U.S. Social Forum process.

UPROSE • $20,000
Brooklyn, NY
General support to organize the multi-ethnic residents of Sunset Park, particularly the youth, to plan and create a more environmentally just neighborhood and city.

Urban Agenda • $20,000
New York, NY
General support to forge strategic environmental justice and labor alliances, and to develop a broad-based campaign to create green collar jobs.

Washington Sustainable Food and Farming Network • $25,000
Mount Vernon, WA
General support to promote community, environmental, social and economic well-being by mobilizing individuals and organizations to advocate for sustainable and organic food and farming.

West Virginia FREE • $25,000
Charleston, WV
General support for a statewide coalition working for reproductive freedom in West Virginia.

Western States Center • $25,000
Portland, OR
Program support to broaden the reproductive rights debate among Western social justice organizations through the sharing of strategies and models.

White Earth Land Recovery Project • $25,000
Callaway, MN
General support to re-localize food and energy systems, restore tribal lands, revive traditional culture and nurture a vibrant civil society for Anishinaabeg and other indigenous people.

Young Women United • $25,000
Albuquerque, NM
General support to address the issues of violence against women, reproductive rights and other issues for young women of color in New Mexico.

Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice • $20,000
Bronx, NY
General support to serve and organize youth of color and their families to promote environmentally- and socially-just redevelopment in the South Bronx.