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Food Justice Manifesto

The “manifesto” grew out of a six-day Good Food retreat held in August of 2008 at Knoll Farm, convened by the Center for Whole Communities. We present this document as a tool to invite dialogue about principles  around which we can unite. It does not represent perfect consensus. Rather, it is a living document challenging us to co-conceive a foundation of common values on which our work around disparate and related food-system issues can rest. Though hesitant to publish this statement, for fear that doing so might set it in stone and imply a false level of unanimity, we agree to publish because we are striving to view ourselves in new ways and we hope these words will help us do that. We strive to see ourselves as part of a broad social movement more inclusive than the sustainable agriculture, organic, family farm, farmland preservation, urban agriculture, community food security, indigenous sovereignty, farm worker, and labor movements. Food Justice is not intended to replace or subsume these vital movements. It is meant to serve as a unifying set of principles tying them all together into a powerful meta-movement with justice at its core. This movement is rooted in historical struggle and builds upon social movements of the past and present.